Our Lovely Females

Golden Retrievers are devoted, friendly, highly intelligent and trainable, and we have a lot of interest in our puppies. We have both the English-type Golden Retrievers (popularly known as “White” or “Light Cream”) and the North American-type Golden Retrievers (“Gold”). We carefully select and breed to enhance the best of both. 


All our dogs are true Golden Retrievers in every way: friendly, intelligent, joyful, devoted. They love people and get along well with all animals. In terms of size and proportions, our Goldens are accurate examples of the Golden Retriever breed, per AKC standard. This is important because many oversized Golden Retrievers have hips and elbow problems. We breed carefully to ensure that our dogs are healthy and within the breed standards. 

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Golden Retriever puppy
Female Golden Retriever Puppy
Golden Retriever Puppy Maryland
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Golden Retriever puppy



Alpha Female // OFA TESTED


 is an Alpha female. She has high intelligence, an exceptionally strong body, and the typical loving Golden Retriever temperament. She is interested in everything and learns extremely fast!
This beautiful girl absolutely loves people and is extraordinarily attentive, affectionate, mellow, and eager to please.


Alpha Female but harmless


Playful and Energetic


Calm and Relax