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All of the families here at East Coast Goldens want to make sure that their puppies are going to the best environment possible. Our goal is to send our puppies to their new forever homes, and never end up in a shelter.
We ask the following questions in hopes of better gauging for us as well as for future owners whether or not you and your family are ready for a new puppy, and to learn more about why you want a East Coast Goldens puppy.
As this is a lifetime commitment, we aren’t in the business of setting you up to fail. After sending in the completed questionnaire, we will get back to you ASAP. Thank you!
Puppy Price
Puppies are for sale for 3000 dollars (Pet Price, Not for Breeding). We require a 500.00 dollars  Reservation to hold a particular puppy for you. If  we can not provide the sex of the puppy you want, we shall return your Reservation in full.
Once you have filled out the Puppy Application form and we have approved your request, you will then fill out and sign our Non-Refundable Reservation form.
At that time you will pay East Coast Goldens a non-refundable $500 Reservation fee. You will then be put on the waitlist of your choice.
Information Regarding Puppies
Bringing home a new puppy can be similar to bringing home a new baby. It will really change things up in your routine! If you stick with it, it will be very rewarding, but let’s make sure you understand some of the things you might expect:
Puppy Application Form
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Puppy related Information

Limited Registration means that the dog is registered but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration. Chapter 3, Section 4A of the AKC’s Rules Applying to Registration and Discipline states the following: “may be requested for a dog when application for individual registration of the dog is submitted, provided the application, together with a request for such limitation, is filed by the owner(s) of the litter at birth. No offspring of a dog for which has been granted is eligible for registration. Each registration certificate for such dog shall carry notice of the limitation, and the limitation shall continue, regardless of any change of ownership, unless and until the owner(s) of the litter at birth shall apply to AKC for removal of the limitation.”