Non-Refundable Reservation Form ​

Puppies are for sale for 3000 dollars (Pet Price, Not for Breeding).
We require a 500.00 dollars reservation fee to hold a particular puppy for you.
If we can not provide the sex of the puppy you want, we shall return your reservation fee in full.

At that time you will pay East Coast Goldens LLC a non-refundable $500 reservation fee. 

You will then be put on the waitlist of your choice.

Puppy picks will take place starting at 6-8 weeks old. Please make your choice within 24 hours of us sending you the link to choose your puppy so everyone can get their turn. If you are unable to do this, your puppy selection number will be moved down the list. We will email, call, and text to make sure we do everything possible to make contact with you before this happens.

Puppy Reservation Form
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